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Are you finding tourists attractions in Beatty, Nevada? As a matter of fact, Beatty is one of the most attractive cities for the current tourism trends. This city has gained highest standards of attention with the passage of time. Beatty is a little community in the Nevada State. There are several special attractions and points for the tourists. The main routes passing through this area are route 374 and 90. The route 90 is more popular because it connects the city with Las Vegas (90 km). Having information about the most important accommodation options in Beatty, Nevada enables the people to save more time by making a good tour plan. Here are some important hotels and motels present in Beatty, Nevada.

Stagecoach Hotel & Casino:

This hotel is very famous for the tourists. It has elite class standards for the people coming to Beatty, Nevada. In most of the case the hotel is utilized for the government as well as private tours. There are so many interesting living facilities present in this hotel. The most important facilities include the restaurant, Satellite TV, shuttle, Jacuzzi, pool and high speed internet. Regular music concerts are organized on every Friday and Saturday. This hotel is pet friendly. Don’t forget to visit the Danny’s Restaurant when visiting the Stagecoach hotel.

The second most important option tourists can get in this hotel is a casino. This is a modern casino having interesting games and gaming activities for the visitors. People from the different states and cities come here for the special gaming pleasure. The phone number of this hotel and casino is (775) 553-2419. It is required to reserve your table or room before visiting this hotel.

Motel 6 Beauty, Beatty, Nevada:

As the name indicates this hotel is very famous for its special building design. This hotel offers outstanding various types of modern services and facilities. For example, the Motel 6 Beauty offers full time Jacuzzi, swimming pools, satellite TV, high speed internet and coffee bars. Is there anything special for the visitors? As a matter of fact, it is a good accommodation option for the tourists. The motel offers special discounts for the senior citizens. It is possible to book the rooms and tables by using phone numbers.

Exchange Club Motel, Beatty:

In the list of popular accommodation options in Beatty, Nevada the name of Exchange Club Motel is very prominent. Living or having some time in this motel helps the people to get the real pleasure in Beatty. This motel offers almost all the basic as well as modern facilities to the customers. High speed internet, satellite TV, shuttle, pool, Jacuzzi room and centrally air conditioning system is present there. It offers pet friendly environment.


Don’t forget to choose the best accommodation when visiting the Beatty, Nevada. This city is ready to offer the great fun and entertainment. It is necessary to focus on the considerable residencies. Always get the confirmations about the accommodations before starting journey towards the Beatty, Nevada.

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